The QRS Research Panels allow you to be an important part of the research process. Not only that, you also get paid for your opinions.

We operate two panels. The panel focuses on qualitative research where you will primarily be invited to take part in focus groups, depth interviews, product tests, and from time to time other research projects such as mystery shopping. If you sign up to the research panel you will be invited to take part in online research surveys (in conjunction with our panel partner Cint AB).

We guarantee your anonymity and adhere to the Data Protection Act and MRS Code of Conduct.

Sign up to either or both panels below.

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As a member of the QRS Research Panel we will ask about your opinion in e-mails. The surveys will be about a wide range of subjects and we will endeavour to send you surveys which we feel are relevant to you. You choose how many and which surveys you would like to participate in and you can at any time terminate your panel membership. The QRS Research Panel has been created in cooperation with Cint AB.

We pay for your time. What we pay for focus groups and depth interviews will vary depending on what you are required to do as well as the subject matter but we typically pay between £50-£75 in cash or vouchers. If you participate in one of our online surveys we normally pay between 50p and £3 depending on the length of the interview (you can redeem to Paypal once you have earnt £10).

Personal integrity
All surveys are in compliance with EU regulations about the handling of personal data (GDPR), The MRS Code of Conduct and ESOMAR guidelines. The information you fill out will only be used for market research purposes and your personal details will never be shared without your express permission. You have the right to withdraw from our research panels at any time.

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QRS Market Research is commissioned to conduct 100,000s of surveys every year by a wide range of clients who are looking to gather opinions of the population at large or their own customers in particular.

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